Biesterfeld Spezialchemie: Our partner Dow Corning wins award for "Pharma-Technik"

"Award for "Pharma-Technik", Award ceremony 2015" – out: "pharmind®" Nr. 1, 1-3 (2016), © ECV Editio Cantor Verlag, Aulendorf (Germany)

"In the January 1/2016 issue the award "Preis für Pharma-Technik" for 2015 sponsored by the German Medicines Manufacturers‘ Association (BAH), as well as the publishing house and editors of the magazine "pharmind®" – die pharmazeutische Industrie" was posted. The winners were decided by secret voting.

The first Award sponsored by the BAH with 5000 Euro is presented to

  • Kristien de Paepe, Vera Rogiers
    Departement of Toxikology, Derma-Cosmetology and Pharmocognosy
    Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, Belgium
  • Anke Sieg, Morgane Le Meur
    Dow Corning Europe SA, Seneffe, Belgium

for the article "Silicones as non-occlusive topical agents" which was published in the September 2015 issue of "pharmind" (Nr.09/2015, S.1370–1379)."

<link https: www.biesterfeld-spezialchemie.com fileadmin docs news pi7801_0338.pdf _blank external-link-new-window herunterladen der datei>Information "Preis für Pharma-Technik".
Quelle: Pharm. Ind. 78, Nr. 1, 1-3 (2016), © ECV Editio Cantor Verlag, Aulendorf (Germany).

More information on silicone excipients suitable for pharmaceutical topical applications and topical medical device applications can be found in our

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