Biesterfeld Spezialchemie: cooperation with PROD’HYG and Sytheon in Spain and Portugal

With immediate effect, Biesterfeld is distributing the product portfolios of PROD’HYG and Sytheon Ltd. The distributor is collaborating with the two new sales partners on the Spanish and Portuguese markets and thus expanding its offering in the personal care industry.

PROD’HYG develops and manufactures high-quality speciality oleochemical products and plant extracts. These include functional ingredients such as emulsifiers, consistency agents, emollients and preservatives as well as active ingredients and customised extracts.
Sytheon offers cosmetic active ingredients with multifunctional properties. These are suitable for use in anti-ageing products as well as products with a skin-brightening, moisturising or protective effect. Both PROD’HYG and Sytheon round off their portfolios with certified raw materials which are suitable for use in natural cosmetics.

Bartosz Piatkowski, Sales Director Europe Personal Care and Cleaning at Biesterfeld Spezialchemie, is very pleased: “Through these new partnerships we are continuing to expand our business activities and pursuing our expansion strategy in western Europe. We offer our customers a product portfolio that responds to market trends in the innovative personal care industry and satisfies high quality requirements.”

In addition to expanding its portfolio, Biesterfeld is enlarging the sales team for its Spanish subsidiary. At the start of 2017, Elisabet Puchol joined the personal care team as Sales Manager. She brings many years of sales experience and wide-ranging expertise acquired in previous roles in the personal care industry.

For 70 years, PROD’HYG has been offering its expertise and services to supply the cosmetic industry with raw materials and technical innovations. Originally specialising in oleochemistry, PROD’HYG manufactures an innovative range of functional and specific active ingredients. Also dedicated to supplying natural solutions inspired by nature, PROD’HYG develops an extensive range of plant extracts.

About Sytheon Ltd.
Sytheon Ltd., founded in 2006, is an innovative specialty ingredient company for the personal care industry. The company is headquartered in the US and its European affiliate is in France. Sytheon’s product development mission is to discover and design differentiated “best-in-class” cosmetic actives having multifunctional properties and meeting the demands of the market. 

Product contact portfolio PROD‘HYG and Sytheon:
Elisabet Puchol
Cami Ral, 453 1°, 2a
08301 Mataró, Spanien
Phone: +34 937 552006
<link http: www.biesterfeld-spezialchemie.com>www.biesterfeld-spezialchemie.com

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