Biesterfeld Spécialités EURL merges with Biesterfeld France S.à.r.l.

Biesterfeld Spécialités EURL, a subsidiary of the Biesterfeld group, has merged with the Biesterfeld France S.à.r.l. subsidiary. The Biesterfeld group will now have one central contact person for plastics, rubbers, basic and specialty chemicals in the French market. The former managing directors of the two individual companies, Christophe Cario and Georges Bertagne, will manage the new Biesterfeld France enterprise from its offices at Rueil-Malmaison, Paris.

This merger has taken place as part of the overall "One Biesterfeld" strategy, which aims to achieve a uniform market presence and a greater focus on business activities. Bringing together these two subsidiaries will significantly improve the efficiency of processes and production and management systems. This overarching strategy will also enable the benefits of inter-site synergies to be achieved, and improve the processing of French business activities.
Thomas Arnold, CEO of Biesterfeld AG, explained: "Having more effective structures will make us more agile. We regard our ability to be respond quickly as a prerequisite for meeting the challenges of the French chemicals, rubber and plastics market, and it will help Biesterfeld France achieve sustainable growth in the long term."

"This merger has given us the opportunity to optimise our processes and structures: now, we can not only provide our customers and suppliers with everything from one source, but also offer them improved levels of service", stated Georges Bertagne, former Managing Director of Biesterfeld Spécialités EURL. And Christophe Cario added: "We want to push forward with our strategic focus on specialist products and to further expand our range of products and services to keep pace with our developments. A vital component of this is the focus on the provision of targeted technical advice and support: services which we will continue to develop for the future."

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