Biesterfeld receives distribution rights for Solvay sulfone polymers in France

Biesterfeld and specialty chemicals manufacturer Solvay Specialty Polymers are expanding their long-term collaboration. With immediate effect, the distributor will handle sales of the sulfone polymers Udel® PSU, Radel® PPSU and Veradel® PESU in France. The new agreement will see Biesterfeld marketing the products throughout Europe, except Italy, and in some neighbouring countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Udel® PSU is an impact-resistant, high-strength and transparent polysulfone. Due to its high heat resistance and higher hydrolytic stability, for example in comparison to polycarbonate (PC), this product family is used in a wide range of medical devices that require high resistance, impact strength and transparency. Udel® PSU also demonstrates its excellent mechanical properties when exposed to steam or other sterilisation methods, making it suitable for use in valves and components in pressurised hot water systems.

The polyphenylsulfone Radel® PPSU has even higher chemical resistance than polysulfone, while still offering outstanding impact strength. This product family can be steam sterilised for 1000 cycles without any significant loss of its properties, making it ideal for components in hot water systems and medical devices that undergo regular steam sterilisation.

Veradel® PESU is a product family of polyethersulfones. As well as good chemical resistance, high rigidity and excellent heat resistance, it also has flame-retardant properties. This makes Veradel® PESU suitable for use in applications such as electronic components. Some types are also approved for food applications in accordance with EU 10/2011 and FDA standards.

"Biesterfeld and Solvay have had a close partnership for several decades," says Christophe Cario, General Manager Biesterfeld France. "We're delighted to be able to offer these sulfone polymers in France, especially as they will offer so much added value to our customers in the medical sector." "We believe that Biesterfeld France will optimally place our products on the market," adds Dries Steijnen, Sales Manager Channel Partners EMEA.

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