Biesterfeld receives distribution rights for Denka acrylate rubbers

Biesterfeld is expanding its partnership with Denka Company Limited by taking on the distribution of Denka ER® acrylate rubbers with immediate effect. The new agreement applies to the whole of Europe (except Spain and Turkey), Russia and Brazil. 

The elastomers in the Denka ER® range offer both outstanding stability at high temperatures (up to 190°C) and very good resistance to oil. Their innovative polymer structure enables them to deliver superior resistance to cyclic heat and oil stresses compared with established acrylate rubbers. The fully saturated polymer chain provides not only the good thermal stability but also UV and ozone resistance. The products also offer low-temperature flexibility down to - 35°C.

With its exceptional properties, Denka ER® is primarily used in the automotive industry. It can be used in hoses, such as charge air or transmission oil cooler (TOC) hoses, as well as in engine gaskets. Its excellent temperature and oil resistance also makes it suitable for applications outside the mobility sector, for example in roll covers, seals and hoses.
“With the new distribution rights, we are expanding our range of special elastomers and adding acrylate rubbers to our catalogue. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers Denka ER®, an innovative range of products from the Japanese manufacturer Denka, with particular emphasis on further developments in high-temperature stability which stresses the high technical expertise of the manufacturer," says Jörn Thomsen, Product Manager Specialty Polymers, Biesterfeld Performance Rubber.

“The new agreement has now enabled us to expand our many years of successful cooperation with Biesterfeld to the area of rubber products. Thanks to Biesterfeld, we have at our side an experienced and established partner with the expertise to place our products on the market in the best possible way. We are pleased that we can now join forces to drive forward the market launch of Denka ER®,” says Shingo Aoki, Sales Manager of Elastomers Dept, Denka Company Limited.

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