Biesterfeld receives distribution rights for biodegradable waxes from DEUREX AG

Hamburg, 10.06.2024 - Biesterfeld distributes the biodegradable waxes BIOMERE® and synthetic waxes DEUREX® used in rubber applications from DEUREX AG with immediate effect. The agreement applies to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. For Biesterfeld's customers, the new partnership opens up new opportunities to make their end products more sustainable through biodegradability and to contribute to greater environmental and nature awareness.

BIOMERE® – Biodegradable waxes

BIOMERE® from DEUREX are biodegradable waxes that help to reduce the environmental pollution by microplastics. Due to their biodegradability, they are exempt from the REACH restriction of synthetic polymer microparticles (“microplastics”) and are therefore not subject to the ban of microplastics, which will soon affect many applications. BIOMERE® offer the same performance and properties as non-degradable waxes. They contribute to improved surfaces as well as high durability and a better appearance. Other properties of BIOMERE® are its abrasion resistance and cold resistance. Their versatility as lubricants, processing aids or dispersants makes them interesting for a wide range of production steps.

DEUREX® – Wax granules for a wide range of applications

With the wax granules under the name DEUREX®, Biesterfeld is adding non-polar polyethylene waxes as fine granules to its rubber product portfolio. These have a maximum dropping point of 120 degrees and are easy to mix with other materials. Applications for the two wax families in the rubber industry include profiles, seals, hoses, gaskets, conveyor belts, cables and vibration dampers.

Franziska Tödter, Product Manager at Biesterfeld Performance Rubber, is delighted about the new partnership: ‘With the biodegradable waxes in our product portfolio, we can now offer our customers further more sustainable solutions to make their applications more environmentally friendly. We are constantly trying to expand our portfolio in order to support our customers with customized application solutions. DEUREX's biodegradable waxes enable the rubber industry to design processes and products that comply with the growing regulations on sustainability.’

Günter Hufschmid, Managing Director of DEUREX AG, says: ‘Waxes have been a matter close to our hearts for over 30 years. Our products focus on quality and innovation. We are currently focusing on renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials, including BIOMERE®. With Biesterfeld at our side, we are pleased to offer biodegradable waxes as a substitute for conventional polymers and to show together that waxes can contribute to a more sustainable industry.’

About Biesterfeld Performance Rubber

Biesterfeld Performance Rubber is a leading international distributor for the rubber processing industry. The company distributes high performance polymers, technical elastomers, additives and  customized silicone rubber compounds. Application-based technical consulting, innovative customer solutions and the cooperation with well-known global manufacturers in more than countries complete the portfolio.

Biesterfeld Performance Rubber is a division of the Biesterfeld Group, one of the world's leading distribution and service companies in the field of plastics, rubber and specialty chemicals. Founded in 1906 in Hamburg, Germany, today the group has more than 1100 employees across 50 locations in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa and generates an annual revenue of 1.38 billion EUR (FY 2023). The fully family-owned company operates in the business divisions Biesterfeld Plastic, Biesterfeld Spezialchemie and Biesterfeld Performance Rubber.

About DEUREX - the wax company

Founded in 1989, the family-owned company is now a leading supplier of synthetic and natural industrial waxes. One of the company's success factors is the greatest possible variety in its product portfolio, both in terms of the chemistry and the delivery forms of the waxes. From PE waxes to hybrid waxes and sugar cane waxes, all important wax raw materials can be found in the range. The industries to which the additives are supplied internationally are just as diverse as the wax portfolio.

The portfolio was successfully diversified in 2017 when the European Patent Office awarded an inventor prize for the oil and chemical binder DEUREX PURE. In keeping with the spirit of the times, DEUREX is increasingly focusing on renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials. The most innovative product family here is BIOMERE, a range of biodegradable and therefore more environmentally friendly wax additives.

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