Biesterfeld Plastic Suisse AG now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Biesterfeld Group

Biesterfeld Plastic is acquiring the remaining shares in the joint venture Biesterfeld Plastic Suisse AG with retrospective effect from January 2021. The Biesterfeld Group business division had previously held 60% of shares in the Swiss subsidiary since it was established in 2003. By acquiring these shares, Biesterfeld is acknowledging the positive development of business activities in Switzerland and reflecting on its own strategic market positioning.

"Switzerland is a key market for us. In recent years our subsidiary has seen impressive growth. During this time, Biesterfeld has always been the only influence on the company's strategy and business direction. For these reasons, we decided to acquire the remaining 40% of shares," says Carsten Harms, management spokesperson for Biesterfeld Plastic and member of the Executive Board of Biesterfeld AG. "This acquisition of shares is also a compliment to our amazing Swiss team for the outstanding positioning of our business."

Biesterfeld Plastic Suisse has also expanded its specialities portfolio in recent months. For example, the company represents international producer Solvay not only with Ryton®, Radel®, Udel® and Veradel®, but now also with Halar® and Hyflon® PFA. Since 2020, the Swiss distributor's product range has also included high-performance polymers, compounds and additives from Lehmann & Voss, ethylene copolymers from Westlake Chemical® and Omikron® polypropylene compounds.

"With these recent developments, we are implementing Biesterfeld Plastic's strategic focus on specialities at the regional level," says Stefan Tschanz, Head of Sales and member of the board of directors at Biesterfeld Plastic Suisse AG. "We're already looking forward to continuing this approach, offering our customers the latest innovations, and working with them and our suppliers to drive forward some exciting development projects."

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