Biesterfeld offers innovative high-performance skin adhesive for medical devices

Biesterfeld Spezialchemie is expanding its product portfolio of high-quality, medical skin adhesives for Europe with Dow Corning® MG 7-1010 Soft Skin Adhesive. The solvent-free, transparent silicone skin adhesive provides even greater skin adhesion compared to conventional silicone soft skin adhesives.

The innovative adhesive has been specially developed for the precise and reliable adhesion of wearable electronic devices on the skin with no cold-flow, as well as for the production of medical adhesive tapes. Potential applications include diagnostics, drug delivery, patient monitoring and wound care.

“With the development of this silicone adhesive, Dow Corning offers a high-performance technology for attaching medical devices to the skin,” explains Robert Radsziwill, Product Manager Medical Device, Biesterfeld Spezialchemie. “The stronger adhesion of an electronic diagnostic device results in improved patient comfort over longer wear periods. In addition, a greater resistance to mechanical external force or the weight of the device is also achieved.”

In terms of processing, Dow Corning® MG 7-1010 Soft Skin Adhesive supports flexible and efficient production processes. The necessary coating weight and adhesion level can be fine-tuned depending on the final application equirements. The product is also suitable for use in both direct and transfer coating operations. Furthermore, the solvent-free adhesive cures rapidly over a wide temperature range. As a result, temperature-sensitive materials or additives can also be processed.

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