Biesterfeld expands its product line with the newest generation of Skin Adhesives

With the introduction of four new silicone skin adhesives, our partner Dow Corning is enlarging its healthcare product portfolio. Based on polycondensed Polydimethylsiloxane/silicate resin adhesive technology, these 1-component systems are marketed ready-to-use under the “Dow Corning® MG-2XXX Silicone Adhesive” branding.

The range is specially designed for the adhesion of medical and wearable devices directly onto the skin. Potential applications can be found in patient monitoring, diagnostic devices, sensor and electrode fixation, external prosthesis, and wound and surgical dressings. The Dow Corning® MG-2XXX Silicone Adhesives comply with the ISO 10993 standards for cytotoxicity, skin sensitization and irritation and established procedures such as conventional tape coating equipments or brushing should be used when applying.

"With this portfolio, Dow Corning is targeting the main trends in both society and the healthcare industry. The demographic change, which is evident by an ageing population and rising life expectancy, promises to bring above-average growth in the demand for diagnostic products with multi-day wearing schedules," explains Robert Radsziwill, Medical Device Product Manager at Biesterfeld Spezialchemie. "Moreover, the personalisation of drug regimes through portable platforms, heralds a new level of patient comfort.” The skin adhesives have been added to the distributor's portfolio in all European countries, where Biesterfeld represents Dow Corning®.

With Dow Corning® MG-2XXX skin adhesives, device developers and manufacturers have access to safe and easy-to-use materials with which to develop sophisticated, integrated solutions that feature high levels of user comfort.

Biesterfeld is aware of the complex challenges involved in the development of pharmaceutical and medical goods and offers efficient products as well as support in regulatory matters. The Biesterfeld team is happy to advise customers on everything from application technology to the development of individual designs. At the Medtec Exhibition in Stuttgart, the team will be showcasing the latest generation of products at stand 3C44.

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