Biesterfeld continues on course for success

In 2016, Biesterfeld AG, Hamburg, increased its operating result to €46.1 million with sales of approximately €1.1 billion. The targeted further development of the product and service portfolio, as well as the sustainable development and expansion of business relationships, contributed to the continuation of the now 111-year success story of the Hamburg-based family company.

Thomas Arnold, CEO of Biesterfeld AG, explains: “Thanks to our sustainable business model and our focus on specialised products and services, we were able to continue our growth path in 2016, as well. We are looking positively to the future and will continue on course for success, in line with our strategic approach ‘One Biesterfeld’.”

Numerous highlights shaped Biesterfeld AG's financial year of 2016. The fourth business division of the Biesterfeld Group was founded in July. Since then, Biesterfeld Performance Rubber has offered the rubber processing industry a comprehensive product and service portfolio as an international distributor. Beyond that, in August Biesterfeld acquired the specialised distributor Schütz & Co. With distribution of raw materials for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industries, the subsidiary perfectly complements Biesterfeld Group's product portfolio. The positive development of the joint venture in Brazil, founded just in 2015, continues to rank among the highlights of the past year. Biesterfeld Plastic and Biesterfeld Performance Rubber, together with their partners, have transferred the group’s successful business model from Europe to Brazil.

Overall, Biesterfeld is optimistic about continuing the recent years’ path of success in 2017, in spite of ongoing economic and geopolitical challenges. The strategic expansion of the product and service portfolio and the long-term partnerships with suppliers and customers make the Biesterfeld Group confident about maintaining the dynamic development of results and expanding its role as a reliable and competent partner in the international distribution market.

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