Biesterfeld appointed to distribute Ethylene Copolymers from Westlake Chemical® in Europe

Biesterfeld will begin to distribute Specialty Polymers from Westlake Chemical®. With immediate effect, the company will distribute the ELEVATE® EVA, EMAC® / EBAC® and TYMAX® products throughout Europe, including the UK and Ireland.

The ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) ELEVATE® is characterized not only by its softness, flexibility and low-temperature toughness, but also by its good stress cracking and UV resistance. The product is primarily used in thermoplastic extrusion processes, film compounds and foam molding. Typical applications for ELEVATE® EVA include flexible packaging heat-seal layers, thermal laminations, hoses and foams. The product can also be used in the production of caps liners and blow-molded bottles.

EMAC® and EBAC® are ethylene methyl acrylate and ethylene butyl acrylate copolymers that offer advantages in a broad range of applications, especially in those where elastic properties and flexibility at low temperatures are important. These copolymers are compatible with a variety of other polymers, and they contribute to improve the adhesion, toughness, filler acceptance and processability of polar polymers like Polyamides and Polyesters. EMAC® and EBAC® are used in compounding and polymer modification applications, as well as for the production of cast and blown film, extrusion coating and multilayer structures. Thanks to their processing properties, both products can be used in a variety of extrusion, molding, casting and blown film equipment. 

In addition to the regular grades, the “plus” grades (EMAC+® and EBAC+®) are blocked acrylate copolymers in which long sequences of each comonomer follow one another. This feature provides an enhanced performance for high-temperature end-use applications, as well as a better adhesion to different substrates.

Also new to the product portfolio is TYMAX®, which features functionalized polymers produced by grafting with maleic anhydride. Thanks to its functionality, this product successfully adheres to barrier materials such as Nylon, EVOH, PET and metallized substrates. TYMAX® can be used as tie layers in flexible and rigid packaging or in the compatibilization of various recycled materials, in TPO compounding and other modification applications.

"We are pleased to significantly extend our portfolio with the specialties from Westlake Chemical", says Luissé Hernández, Product Manager, Biesterfeld Plastic. "We have the know-how and experience to ideally position Westlake's products in the marketplace and provide great value to our customers.”

"With Biesterfeld we have the ideal partner for the successful distribution of our products by our side. As we look to strategically introduce our brands into Europe, we are happy to have an experienced distribution partner in polymer modification that supports us in our goal to act as an European supplier. We look forward to working together to further the success of our products", added Juan Septien, Indirect Sales Manager, Westlake Chemical®.

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