Biesterfeld and Troy Chemie GmbH agree on cooperation in Hungary

Biesterfeld has been distributing Troy Chemie GmbH high-performance preservative systems on the Hungarian market since January 2017. After a successful cooperation start in the Czech Republic and Slovakia last year, the two companies are expanding their cooperation. The product portfolio comprises of preservatives for use in coatings, personal care, household and industrial cleaning industries as well as the plastics and metal processing industries.

“Troy is pleased to expand its partnership with Biesterfeld,” says Mr. Ulf Becker, Troy’s Managing Director, Europe. “Through Biesterfeld, we are able to better reach new geographies and markets, and deliver the performance, quality, and value of Troy products to more customers.”

Lidia Vereckei, General Manager of the group’s Hungarian subsidiary, is very satisfied with the trust Troy has placed in Biesterfeld: “Using their product portfolio we are further strengthening and expanding our range of preservatives for various applications. We offer our customers antimicrobial solutions which meet high technical and regulatory requirements – with excellent cost-in-use benefits.”

For technical applications Biesterfeld distributes, for example, dry-film preservatives for facade paints and putties which are well known under the trade names Polyphase® and Fungitrol®. The Mergal®, Nuosept®, Bacillat® and Bodoxin® product lines are offered as wet state preservatives for coatings, adhesives and lubricants. For the plastics processing industry the portfolio includes additives for long-term preservation and protection against the growth of fungi, bacteria and algae on a range of polymer surfaces. In this way, they help to maintain the aesthetic appearance and physical properties of the final products.

About Troy Corporation
Troy Chemie GmbH is a subsidiary of Troy Corporation. Troy Corporation develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of preservatives, performance additives and metal carboxylates for the coatings and related industries. These materials are used and available in over 100 countries to produce high performing, cost-effective and sustainable products. Troy's objective is to provide unique solutions for the needs of their customers, drawing on knowledge and expertise gained from serving markets worldwide for over 60 years. The company is headquartered in New Jersey, USA.

Product contacts portfolio Troy Chemie GmbH
Personal care, household and industrial cleaning:

Szilard Vereckei
Soroksári út 48
1095 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36 1 218 68 03
<link http: www.biesterfeld-spezialchemie.com>www.biesterfeld-spezialchemie.com

Coatings, plastics and metal processing:
Szilvia Gombos
Soroksári út 48
1095 Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36 1 218 68 03
<link http: www.biesterfeld-spezialchemie.com>www.biesterfeld-spezialchemie.com

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