Biesterfeld AG: Sustainability is at the very heart of our identity

Biesterfeld AG, Hamburg presents its fourth sustainability report this year. Through this voluntary initiative, which was developed in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards, the group companies demonstrate the link between its sustainable management strategy and its commitment towards shaping a sustainable global economy.

Once again, Biesterfeld have successfully expanded its market position and its corporate results without losing sight of our social, societal and corporate values. As a family business, it is fundamental to make a positive contribution to the social and environmental development together with its most important assets, namely its employees. Equivalently significant, is Biesterfeld´s commitment to sustainable products and the pursuit of implementing more sustainable business practices to improve our supply chain, to create positive effects for our partners and customers, and to grow responsibly with them. Thereby, sustainability is not just a means to an end for Biesterfeld; it is at the very heart of the identity.

Accomplishments highlighted in the 2017 report include Biesterfeld’s regional sustainability stories, the CO2 compensation for the business trip footprints and the Gold Medal awarded to Biesterfeld by EcoVadis – an online platform that measures the sustainability performance of over 30,000 suppliers in 110 countries. The Biesterfeld Group has now expanded its sustainability management and documented six subsidiaries, including Germany, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Great Britain, and Italy to ensure increased transparency on their developments leading to better decision-making processes and acting in an environmentally and sustainable conscious way. The past four years have shown positive results in the implementation of its sustainability strategy.

Learn more about the sustainability strategy of the Biesterfeld Group.

Sustainability Report for 2017

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