Semi crystalline Copolymer PP with PE


Product description

Vistamaxx™ performance polymers offer innovative solutions for upgrading polyolefins in mechanical recycling. Vistamaxx™ is a metallocene-catalyzed polypropylene with various amounts proportions of ethylene. The variation in crystallinity and melt flow rate enables innovative solutions to improve the mechanical, thermal and optical properties of products. Vistamaxx™ contributes to sustainability through thinner packaging, longer resilience of film hinges and lower energy consumption during production. The material can be used as a dry blend in injection molding, blow molding and extrusion and increases the dispersion of fillers in compounding.

Typical applications for Vistamaxx™ include:

• Upgrading of polyolefins from mechanical recycling

• Soft-Touch surfaces

• Film-hinges in food containers

• Color- and Filler-Masterbatches

Benefits when using Vistamaxx™:

• Can be used as dry-blend

• Improved impact strength and flexibility of polyolefins

• Broader production temperature range

• Increased transparency of blends





Country availability

Austria Belgium
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria
Croatia Czech Republic
France Germany
Hungary Italy
Macedonia Montenegro
Netherlands Poland
Portugal Romania
Russia Serbia
Slovakia Slovenia

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