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Borregaard produces plant-based vanillin (ex-lignin) from Norway spruce which is sourced from sustainably managed forests. It provides a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to guaiacol vanillin synthesized from crude oil. The vanillin from Wood ("ex Lignin") is more sustainable than vanillin and ethyl vanillin products based on petrochemical raw materials. Vanillin based on lignin gives it a smoother, more natural note, making it more desirable for customers. Moreover, we offer a wide range of specifically adapted types of vanillin from Borregaard for different applications like chocolate, sweets, bakery products and dairy products. All in all, Borregaard products are thermostable at high temperatures, low dosage, have a shelf life of 5 years (except Euro Vanillin Regular) and are cost effective solutions.

Tradename Description & Application E-Number/Producer
Euro Vanillin Supreme Sustainable, plant-based vanillin with high intensity, giving a creamy and rich vanilla aroma profile. Provides great anti-microbial, antioxidant and masking properties. Intensity of 1.2 compared to guaiacol vanillin. Borregaard
Euro Vanillin Regular Guaiacol vanillin with a pure vanilla aroma profile and a defined intensity of 1.0. Borregaard
Euro Vanillin DS Double-strength vanillin flavouring. Its flavour profile is pure, smooth and creamy vanilla, with an intensity of 2.0 compared to oil-based guaiacol vanillin. Borregaard
Euro Vanillin Plus A lignin-based vanillin flavouring with pure, smooth and creamy vanilla notes and with an intensity of 1.0 compared to guaiacol vanillin. Borregaard
Euro Vanillin Plus 1200 Intense vanillin flavouring with an intensity of 1.2 compared to oil-based guaiacol vanillin and with low cost in use. Borregaard
Euro Vanillin Aromatic Oil-based ethyl vanillin with an intensity around 3 compared to guaiacol vanillin. The flavour profile is pure vanillin. Low cost in use. Borregaard
Euro Vanillin Expert Intense vanillin flavourings based on plant-based vanillin (ex-lignin) with top notes: Dairy, Cream, Butter, Chocolate, Bakery, Borrebon and Caramel Borregaard
Euro Vanillin Gran 3 The cost-effective alternative to other natural vanillin products on the market. Natural flavouring. Borregaard
Euro Vanillin Plus SB18 It has a rounder taste profile with smooth and creamy vanilla notes. A low cost in use with intensity of 1 compared to guaiacol vanillin. Borregaard




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