UV Curing Adhesives

BlueWave®, Light-Cap®, Light Weld®, SpeedMask®, Multi-Cure®, Ultra Light-Weld®, Ultra-Red™

Product description

UV light cure adhesives can be based on different chemistries. The common feature is curing by light. UV adhesives are mainly one component (1C) and very easy to apply – cure on demand. The radical polymerisation of acrylates to polymerchains is initiated by irradiation with light of the correct wavelength and energy. The adhesive cures in seconds. UV cure adhesives are recommended for high speed production or production where long preparation and fast finish is required. They are suitable for high-precision manufacturing processes in the automotive, optics and electronics industries. Dymax temporary masking makes it possible to automate processes in the aerospace, metalworking and medical device industries. SpeedMask products are the ideal replacement for adhesive tapes, wax and lacquers with enormous savings potential for production processes. Special dual-cure adhesives makes possible to post cure adhesive by heat or moisture in shadowed areas where UV light can’t cure the material. Investment in high intensity UV lamp is a key to speed up the process.

Product GroupDescriptionSee CureFluorescentGelNon-cytotoxicMRO approval (Rolls Royce)
3-SeriesUV adhesives for plasticsxxx-
4-SeriesUV adhesives for glass--x--
6-SeriesUV adhesives for metal, glass, plastics-xx--
7-SeriesSpeedMask® maskingx-xxx
8-SeriesThermal- or activator-cure adhesives--x--
9-SeriesUV adhesives for electronicsxx (Ultra-Red™)x--
GA-SeriesUV curing gasketsxx---
OP-SeriesUV adhesives for optics--x--
MB2-SeriesUV adhesives for magnets-----




BlueWave®, Light-Cap®, Light Weld®, SpeedMask®, Multi-Cure®, Ultra Light-Weld®, Ultra-Red™

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Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey


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Dr. Johannes Martin

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