Urethane-acrylic hybrid resins


Product description

Hybridur® Polymer Dispersions are a line of polyurethane-and acrylic polymers synthesized at the molecular level providing an interpenetrating polymer network covered by an unique patented hybrid technology. Hybridur® 870 and Hybridur® 878 are based on this innovative hybrid technology offering a good hardness-toughness balance, fast cure at ambient and low temperatures and an excellent adhesion spectrum to a wide variety of substrates like metal, wood, concrete, polycarbonate, PVC, ABS or previously painted substrates.

Furthermore, Hybridur® 870 & 878 dispersions are easy to formulate, exhibit excellent wetting, barrier and film properties when used in air dry (1K), baked or optionally with crosslinker chemistries.

Only Hybridur® 870 and Hybridur® 878 are available in EMEA





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