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Meritol®, Merisorb®

Product description

Sorbitol, which is a sugar alcohol, is produced from glucose syrup originated from wheat and/or maize. Our portfolio contains liquid Sorbitol with the name Meritol® and crystalline / powder Sorbitol with the name Merisorb®.

The product is used as a base ingredient, sweetener and humectant in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals e.g. tablets/pills, toothpastes, cough syrups or mouthwashes. Also in the food industry the product is used and listed as a food additive with the number E 420. As an alternative for Glycerin, Sorbitol can be used in various technical applications such as textile auxiliaries and polyurethanes.

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Tradename Chemical Description CAS
Meritol® 160 Sorbitol Liquid 68425-17-2
Meritol® 161 Sorbitol Liquid 68425-17-2
Merisorb® 200 Sorbitol 50-70-4
Merisorb® 300 Sorbitol 50-70-4


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Meritol®, Merisorb®

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