Silicone One-Part Heat Cure Adhesive & Sealant

Product description

DOW Silicones (formerly Dow Corning) delivers a wide variety of silicone-based polymers for diverse solutions in electric, electronic and energy applications. DOWSIL™ silicone adhesives are used primarily to attach components, such as module lids and baseplates, within electronic modules or seal openings in the module to exclude dirt, water or other contaminants. A key benefit of silicone adhesives is their potential to significantly increase the reliability of an electronic module or component because of their stress-relieving properties. The adhesives in our portfolio have a “rubbery”, elastomeric nature and are not conventional, highly rigid adhesives. This low stress environment can reduce damage to module components and interconnections. They are also able to maintain their stress-relieving nature throughout exposure to extreme environmental conditions such as high temperature and humidity. DOWSIL™ silicone adhesives also offer versatile processing. Some are cured at room temperature, while others can be accelerated by heat. This can allow faster process times or the use of lower temperature capable materials, depending on the needs of your application and process. More recently developed products are resulting in even faster and lower temperature curing capability. The line of adhesives available is also offered in a range of flow properties to fill gaps and channels, or to remain in place as the application requires. Many of the flowable products will self-level to fill channels and cavities.

DOWSIL™ one-part heat cure adhesives deliver greater control and flexibility in processing. Curing in few minutes at temperatures of 150 °C or more energy-efficiently at lower temperatures. Material will be delivered as a one-component product which does not require any mixing equipment. This class of products cure in an addition reaction without any by-products.

Product Hardness [ShA] Viscosity [mPas] Tensile Strength [MPa] Cure time 
DOWSIL™ 3-1595 Silicone Adhesive 60 Sh00 650,000 1.5 60 min @125 °C, 30 min @150 °C 
DOWSIL™ 3-1598 HP Silicone Adhesive 60 85,000 5.5 3 h @100 °C, 30 min @125 °C, 15 min @150 °C 
DOWSIL™ 3-6265 Thixotropic Adhesive 60 1,000,000 5.0 60 min @125 °C, 30 min @150 °C 
DOWSIL™ 3-6265 HP Adhesive 70 1,080,000 6.0 2.5 h @100 °C, 25 min @125 °C, 10 min @150 °C 
DOWSIL™ 3-6876 Adhesive 50 40,000 6.0 60 min @125 °C, 30 min @150 °C 
DOWSIL™ 866 Primerless Silicone Adhesive 55 50,000 6.5 60 min @125 °C, 30 min @150 °C 
DOWSIL™ ME-4530 Encapsulant Clear 25 Non-flowing 3.5 4h @125 °C
DOWSIL™ Q3-6611 Adhesive 55 80,000 5.9 3 h @100 °C, 60 min @125 °C, 30 min @150 °C 
DOWSIL™ X3-1598 Adhesive 60 75,000 5.5 60 min @125 °C, 30 min @150 °C 



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