Silicone Compounds

Product description

Molykote® Compounds are grease-like materials composed of silicone fluids and fillers. Used widely for their sealing, dielectric and nonmetal-to-metal lubrication and release properties.

Silicone compounds are grease-like lubricants containing silicone fluids and fillers. They are resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation while maintaining their properties over a wide temperature range. They do not conduct electricity and are successfully used for the lubrication of O-rings and as assembly lubricants for plastic and rubber parts. They fulfil a dual function as lubricant and sealant.

Product Temperature Range (°C) Properties
MOLYKOTE® 111 Compound -40 to +200 Washout resistance / low speeds
MOLYKOTE® 4 Electrical Insulating Compound -40 to +200 High dielectric strength, odourless, NSF 51 and 61



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