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Polycat®, Dabco®

Product description

The Dabco® and Polycat® products from EVONIK are amine based catalysts for polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) applications.

Amine catalysts balance the various reactions during the formation of polyurethane, help to reduce foam defects and influence the physical characteristics and quality of the final product.

Additionally to standard amine catalysts such as TEDA, DMDEE or PMDETA, the product portfolio contains non-emissive catalysts to meet Certipur®, LGA or Oeko-Tex® requirements or to meet OEM emission specifications such as VDA 278. Those catalysts are sold under Dabco® NE brand and reduce the environmental impact of PUR formulations.

Under the Dabco® TMR brand various trimerisation and curing catalysts designed as synergists for conventional catalysts are subsumed. They support the trimerisation reaction, provide strong back end curing and smooth rise profiles. Some of these grades are optimized to have low odour, delayed activity or better adhesion.

The Polycat® brand contains gel, blow and balanced catalysts for high performance foam reactions such as spray foam or insulation panels.

The Polycat® SA range subsumes thermo-activated catalysts which can be used when a delayed reaction and a long pot life is required. The exothermic polyurethane reaction or an external heat source can activate these catalysts at defined temperatures. Combinations of Polycat® SA catalysts can provide a tailor-made balance between front-end delay and fast back-end cure.

Types of PU foams requiring amine catalysts are flexible slabstock, flexible moulded foams, rigid lamination, spray foam or shoe sole systems. Non-cellular applications are elastomers, coatings, adhesives, sealants or cast resins.

Besides our amine catalysts we also offer metal catalysts, silicone surfactants, curing agents, colour pastes and other performance additives from EVONIK for PUR formulations.




Polycat®, Dabco®

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