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Ortegol® AST

Product description

Within the Ortegol® AST range from EVONIK, antistatic agents for the use in polyurethane applications are offered. These are ionic chemical compounds that increase the electrical conductivity of PU parts.

Antistatic modification is very important when equipment is used in areas with risk of explosion or in contact with sensitive electronics. These additives can also help elastomers from dust accumulation. Therefore Ortegol AST® additives are very important for PU applications like flexible slabstock, molded integral foam, microcellular and compact elastomers as well as TPU which is useful for the production of shoe soles, packaging foam, tank linings, floorings or rolls and wheels.

All additives show a very good compatibility with polyether and polyester polyols. Ortegol® AST 5 and Ortegol® AST 8 have to be highlighted as in contrast to conventional antistatics they do not need moisture to be active.

Product Description
Ortegol® AST Metallic salt / polyether. Most efficient reduction of electrical resistance at part densities below 250g/L
Ortegol® AST 5 Antistatic containing crosslinkable solvents. Efficient reduction of electrical resistance at densities higher than 250g/L
Ortegol® AST 8 100% liquid. Most efficient at densities above 250 g/L. Suitable for any type of thermoset PU system and also thermoplastics such as TPU and EVA when incorporated via the masterbatch




Ortegol® AST

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