Pearlizing Agent

Product description

The product series excellently serves as pearling agent and can be easily dispersed in surfactant mixtures at room and low temperatures. Its use allows to obtain final products with a very nice pearled appearance even at very low concentration. Possible applications: Detergent, foaming, wetting, dispersing agent, emulsifier and solubilizer for different fields

Tradename Chemical Description Form Active%
AKYPO® SAL 2010 S Sodium lauryl ether sulfate + Cocamide DEA + Glycol Distearate Liq 36
DANOX® P 15 Sodium lauryl ether sulfate + Cocamide MEA + Glycol Distearate Liq 40
DANOX® PL 10 Sodium lauryl ether sulfate + Glycereth-2-cocoate + Glycol Distearate Liq 52
DANOX® BF-22 Laureth-4 + Cocamidopropyl betaine + Glycol Distearate Liq 44



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