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Product description

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) adhesives belong to the group of reactive adhesives. A peroxide-based activator, together with amines, forms free radicals that initiate the radical polymerization of the methacrylate.

MMA adhesives are very insensitive to surface preparation and offers wide production window. MMA two components adhesives are fast cure and offer good combination of elongation, impact resistance, peel and tear strength. MMA adhesives thus form a bridge between the adhesives based on epoxy and polyurethane. They are available in a mixing ratio of 10:1 and 1:1 and are characterized by an exceptionally high variety of reaction times (pot lives from 4 to 130 minutes). After curing (curing times from 6 minutes to 4 hours), the adhesives reach 80% of their shear strength.

They can be used as gap fillers with gaps up to 39 mm and are used for joining metal, composite and plastic materials as well as combinations of them due to their high flexibility. Recommended use of MMA is “field reparation” where proper surface pretreatment is difficult and outdoor conditions can vary.

They meet the requirements of the highest hazard Level (HL3) in accordance with EN45545-2 "Fire protection in rail vehicles" and are approved in accordance with Lloyd's Register.

Family Properties Applications
No Mix system Hardener (B component) in the form of powder, varnish, paste, fast fixation (on contact), room temperature curing Hand operations, workshops and tool shops
Mix system 10:1 High adhesion to metals, composite materials and most of plastics high impact resistance, high tensile strength (up to 24 MPa), high elongation at break (up to 150%) Bonding of dissimilar materials exposed to vibrations. No need for extensive surface preparation, bonding of large structures, assembling of transport vehicle structures
Mix system 1:1 High adhesion to metals, composite materials and plastic, high impact strength, very high tensile strength (up to 35-40 MPa), good elongation at break (up to 10%) Bonding of dissimilar materials that require a high tensile strength
HV system Open time up to 130 minutes, high thixotropy, high viscosity (HV), joint filling up to 39 mm, elongation at break up to 150% Bonding of large elements, where gap thickness control is limited (uneven surfaces). Long bond lines
HT system High tensile strengths (up to 21 MPa) at high temperatures (HT) up to 121 ° C Bonding of materials exposed to elevated temperatures
HW system High wetting (HW) ability of the surface Bonding of materials with low surface energy (for example: SMC) partly without extensive surface preparation
Transparent system Crystal clear plastic adhesive, Mil Spec Bonding of decorative elements where the bond line should not be visible

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