mLLDPE - Metallocene Low Linear Density Polyethylene

Product description

Our metallocene Low Linear Density Polyethylene (mLLDPE) grades are being produced in Cologne, Germany. The portfolio covers a wide range of applications like films, injection moulding and compounding in an area of a density of 902-936 kg/m³ and MFI of 1,3-20 g/10min.

The proprietary INNOVENE-G Gas-Phase-Technology from INEOS with hexene as comonomer is specialized on film grades with outstanding mechanical properties like tear resistance, dart drop and sealing properties.


- Cast- Blownfilm

- Stretch-Hood/ Stretch-film

- Multilayer films for food and non-food application

- Lamination films

- high demanding industrial films like heavy duty sacks


- Processability due to next generation mLLDPE-technology

- Very dart-drop value

- Very good tear resistance

- Outstanding sealing properties

- state of the art optical properties


Eltex PF® - mLLDPE

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