BiesterSOL Slow N

Product description

Water soluble fertilizer for fertigation with nitrogen stabilized

Our formulations are crystalline water-soluble fertilizers containing the three main

elements required for plant nutrition. Nitrogen(N), Phosphor (P) and Potassium

(K). The Nitrogen present under Ammoniacal form is stabilized with

Dicyandiamide (DCD), a chemical Nitrification Inhibitior.

The DCD inhibits the bacteria which are responsible for the Nitrification for

several weeks, by this, the transformation of the Ammoniacal Nitrogen into Nitric

Nitrogen is slowed down.

This phenomenon permits a longer presence of the AmmoniaIion (NH4) in the

soil, which exalts the acidification affect of the fertilizer resulting into a major

Ammoniacal Nitrogen absorption of the plants.

The Phosphorus (P) used in our Product deriving from Mono-Ammonium

Phosphate which is highly soluble and immediately available to the plants. The

Potassium ( K), entirely deriving from Sulphate, assures a stabilized repining of

the fruits, improving the coloration, the sugar contents, the conservation as well

as the quality.

When our product is used immediately after planting it stimulates the sprouting

and rooting of the plants, whilst used before blossoming it increases fertility of

the soil.

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BiesterSOL Slow N
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