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The Biesterfeld Group has been active in Lithuania since 2006. Nowadays, the Biesterfeld Group has four subsidiaries, which are active on Lithuanian market and serve customers with products and services. They are specialised in:

Biesterfeld Polska has a focus on plastics as raw materials used and processed for Packaging, Automotive & Transportation, Building & Construction, Electric & Electronic, Household & Consumer goods and many others. Biesterfeld Chemia Specjalna has a focus on specialty chemicals used as raw materials and additives in Personal Care & Cleaning, Pharma & Healthcare, Coatings & Construction, Adhesives & Sealants, Industrial Chemicals & Synthesis, Food. Milar has a focus on rubber and Performance Products ("ready-to-use") used in e.g. Automotive, Transportation, Marine, Aviation, Rubber Processing, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, General Industry. Biesterfeld International Polska has a focus on active substances used for production of Veterinary Drugs, additives for Food & Feed, raw pharmaceutical ingredients used in production of Diet and Sports Nutrition Supplements, Organic Pigments, Industrial Chemicals & Synthesis.

Our service proposal for Lithuania includes development of specific and value-added solutions for our customers, a wide range of products and advanced technological developments, technical assistance in process and a full and fast delivery program from our stocks.


Plastics: Innovative solutions for engineering polymers, standard polymers, acrylates, polyesters and styrene copolymers

Specialty Chemicals: Innovative solutions in healthcare silicones (APIs and topical ingredients) and excipients, in products for personal care and household cleaning, surfactants, organic synthesis intermediates, preservatives, food additives, polymer additives (antioxidants, flame retardants, UV stabilisers), coating binders and additives, industrial chemicals

Performance Rubber: Synthetic rubber and rubber additives

Performance Products: Resins, reinforcements, adhesives, lubricants, electrical insulating and thermal transfer materials


Specialty Chemicals & Plastics 


Aurelijus Vaišnoras
Sales Manager


Cosmetics, Cleaning

Jaroslavs Matvejevs
Sales Manager


CASE, Polymer Additives, Plastics

Aurelijus Vaišnoras
Sales Manager



Matiss Zalcmanis
Sales Manager


Performance Products &
Performance Rubber

Edvinas Šmitas
Market Development manager

Data protection officer

Krzystof Radtke


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