Silicone Adhesives and Sealants

DowCorning® Silastic® DOWSIL™

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Silicone adhesives are resistant to organic degradation by microorganisms, radiation and many chemicals. Due to inert properties of the cured silicones, contact with foodstuffs or drinking water is harmless.

Silicone adhesives and sealants are suitable for applications where high elongation and high temperature fluctuations can occur. Fast-curing two-component systems offer high application speeds and are ideally suited for automatic assembly lines.

One-component silicone adhesives crosslink at room temperature (RTV) in the presence of atmospheric moisture. They offer a high application speed in combination with a simple dosage.

1C acetoxyUniversal, fast cure, need moisture to cure. Aggressive for metals and some plasticsConstruction, structural glazing, bathroom, general applications
1C alkoxyNeutral, need moisture to cure.Bonding of delicate elements, electrical/electronic applications. Plastic bonding
2C condensationCures in closed areas. No oven needed. Fast cureLarge area bonding. Construction, furniture, home appliances. High speed and continuous processes
1C platinumCures at elevated temperaturesSerial production
1C radicalCures fast at elevated temperatures, resistant to ”poisoning”. Low-temperature curing. Radical cure siliconesBonding of difficult surfaces. High speed production. Automotive components.
1C HM, 1C HGSFast initial bonding. Strong final bonding. No oven needed, but need moisture to fully cureAssembling processes where high initial tack is required – ”quick-fix + strong bond”. Alternative to double-sided tapes if higher strength is required.




DowCorning® Silastic® DOWSIL™

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