Neuburger Kieselerde/ Neuburg Siliceous Earth

Product description

Classic Neuburg Siliceous Earth is a natural combination of silica and kaolinite: a loose mixture impossible to separate by physical methods. As a result of natural aging, the silica portion exhibits a round grain shape and consists of aggregated, cryptocrystalline primary particles of about 200 nm in diameter which are coated partially opallike. Such a unique structure is responsible for a relatively high specific surface area and oil absorption, which, besides rheological activity, also result in a whole range of application properties. Applications in different industries:

• Elastomers: Automotive, Cable and electrical industry, Machine and equipment construction, Construction industry

• Thermoplastics: Thermoplastic molded parts, Thermoplastic films

• Paints and varnishes: Metal coatings, Plastic coatings, Wood and film coatings, Construction coatings and decorative paints

• Reactive resins, adhesives and sealants: Thick film systems, Plastisols, 2K Polyurethane applications, Adhesives

• Polishing and cleaning agents

• Welding electrodes

• Construction Chemicals

• Carriers for active substances

• Industrial linings

• Cosmetics and body care


Sillitin, Aktisil, Puriss, Silfit, Aktifit


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Alexander Kling

Alexander Kling

Regional Sales Manager CIS

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