Functionalized Calciumcarbonate

Product description

The products offered by our Swiss supplier Omya are active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients consisting of calcium carbonate, which are mainly used in the production of tablets.

Natural Calciumcarbonate with binder:

Calcipur® DC is a directly compressible, very pure natural calcium carbonate (food grade), used in the nutraceutical sector as an excipient in the manufacture of tablets and characterized by its ease of use.

Functionalized Calciumcarbonate:

Omyapharm® is an innovative, multifunctional pharmaceutical excipient (co-processed excipient), used in the manufacture of solid dosage forms (tablets, capsules, granules) in the pharmaceutical industry. Omyapharm® delivers remarkable results in terms of compactability and its ability to absorb liquids.

Product Description Grade Comments
Omyapharm® 500-OG calcium carbonate,
tribasic calcium phosphate
EXCIPACT ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 &
OHSAS 18001
certified production site
Calcipur® DC calcium carbonate,
with binder
EP/USP compatible HACCP & EXCiPACT
certified production site


Calcipur® DC, Omyapharm®

Country availability

Austria, Germany