Zinc Oxide

Zinkoxid, Zinkoxid

Product description

The offered zinc oxides Pharma 4, Pharma 6 and Pharma 8 by our supplier Grillo Zinkoxid GmbH are produced from metallic highly pure zinc oxide following the guidelines of the EU-GMP-Regulatory.

In applications of the human and veterinary medicine, the zinc oxides inhibit inflammation and are used for treatment of wounds, inflammations and skin disorders. As a mineral based UV-absorber zinc oxides are used in sunscreens for protection of UV-A radiation.

The pharmaceutical zinc oxides comply to the purity specifications of the pharmacopoeias Ph. Eur., BP und USP.

Registration no. of zinc oxide by Grillo Zinkoxid GmbH: DE_NI_01_Reg_2017_0001

Tradename Specific surface area range (m²/g)
Zinc Oxide Pharma 4 API BET 3-5
Zinc Oxide Pharma 6 API BET 5-7
Zinc Oxide Pharma 8 API BET 7-9
Zinc Oxide Pharma 4 Excipient BET 4
Zinc Oxide Pharma 6 Excipient BET 6
Zinc Oxide Pharma 8 Excipient BET 8


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Zinkoxid, Zinkoxid

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