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Cyberbond formulates various ranges of Cyanoacrylate adhesives for medical device fabrication. These are one-component, fast curing and solvent free super glues. The Cyberbond CA product families do comply with the standards of ISO-10993-5 for Cytotoxicity and are suitable for bonding a wide range of substrates like rubber, plastics, silicones, metals and glass in medical device and component fabrication. Under the brand name “LINOP” an own range of dosing equipment tailored for pumping and dispensing of Cyberbond CA adhesives is available for rental or purchase. With “Boost 6070” an ISO-10993-5 compliant primer is also available.

EthylesterCyanoacrylate with extremely good ageing properties, fluorescence optional. Excellent adhesives for Rubber to Rubber, Rubber to Plastic and Plastic to Plastic applications. Viscosity range from 3-2000 mPa*s
Powerdrop® EthylesterCarefully stabilized, fast bonding Cyanoacrylates. Viscosity range from 7-85 mPa*s
Xtraflex (rubber toughened) modified EthylesterPartly flexible Cyanoacrylates for dynamic and temperature loaded bonds. A certain shock resistance is guaranteed. Very good results for Metal to Plastic and Metal to Rubber combinations. Viscosity range from 130-3000 mPa*s
Low Odour AlkoxyesterLow odour, low blooming, low out-gassing characteristics. Viscosity range from 3-1200 mPa*s


Powerdrop®, Xtraflex


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Robert Radsziwill

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