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01.10.2010 | Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH

Biesterfeld takes over the rubber distributor SMPC

By taking over the French Rubber Distributor SMPC, Biesterfeld Plastic, the largest subgroup of the Biesterfeld Group, is investing in a new area of business. As of 01.10.2010, Biesterfeld France SARL, subsidiary of Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH, will assume control of the business activities of the distributor SMPC S.A., Chérisy, and plans to extend the company further as an independent division. SMPC (Spécialités et Matières Premières du Caoutc [...]

20.05.2010 | Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH

ExxonMobil distribution for Portugal, Maghreb & UK

Biesterfeld Plastic extends distribution agreement for ExxonMobil chemical polymer brands -Agreement extends to Portugal, Maghreb, the United Kingdom and Ireland.HAMBURG, GERMANY (May 2010) - Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH, a pan-European distributor of a range of ExxonMobil Chemical polymer brands, will now distribute Santoprene(TM) thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) and Vistamaxx(TM) propylene-based elastomers in Portugal and Morocco, and Exxtral(TM) [...]

19.02.2010 | Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH

BASF Polyurethanes for France

Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH and BASF Polyurethanes extend their partnership for Elastollan® TPU to France and Maghreb.BASF Polyurethanes and Biesterfeld Plastic extended their long-standing pan-European distribution partnership for Elastollan® TPU effective from 1 January 2010 to France and Maghreb. The pan-European cooperation between BASF Polyurethanes, global TPU market leader, and Biesterfeld now covers all 26 European countries where Biester [...]

05.08.2009 | Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH

ExxonMobil Distribution for Turkey, North Africa

Biesterfeld Plastic, pan-European distributor of ExxonMobil Chemical's range of Santoprene™ brand TPVs and Vistamaxx™ specialty elastomers, as well as for Exxtral™ PP Compounds in several countries, has extended the cooperation for Santoprene™ TPV as well as Vistamaxx™ specialty elastomers to Turkey and Middle-East/Africa, effective July 1, 2009.The existing agreement between ExxonMobil Chemical and its former local distributor will expire a [...]

01.07.2009 | Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH

PS Empera in Great Britain and Ireland

Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH and INEOS NOVA extend their partnership for Empera® Polystyrene to The United Kingdom and IrelandBiesterfeld Plastic GmbH, pan-European distribution partner of INEOS NOVA for Empera® PS extend with immediate effect their cooperation to include The United Kingdom and Ireland.Existing, non-exclusive distribution agreements between INEOS NOVA and other parties in these regions are unaffected.Carsten Harms, General Manager [...]

16.02.2009 | Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH

Vespel for Germany and UK

DuPont Engineering Polymers and Biesterfeld Plastic extend collaboration for Vespel® Parts and Shapes to Germany and the United KingdomMechelen, February 2009. Effective April 1st, 2009, DuPont Engineering Polymers has appointed Biesterfeld Plastic as its distributor for DuPont(TM) Vespel® parts and shapes in Germany and the United Kingdom. The new agreement regarding this range of high performance polyimide parts and shapes further extends the [...]

13.05.2008 | Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH

Press Release INEOS - Biesterfeld Plastic

INEOS Polyolefins and Biesterfeld intensify pan European Distribution cooperation for HDPE with focus on northern EuropeA strategic decision of INEOS Polyolefins' to increase focus on HDPE in the Injection Moulding segment is followed by a pan-European integrative distribution agreement with Biesterfeld Plastic with a focus on Northern Europe. [...]

21.04.2008 | Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH

Press Release ExxonMobil - Biesterfeld Plastic

New Distribution contracts with ExxonMobil Chemical in Europe for Exxtral(TM) PP Compounds and Santoprene(TM) TPVAfter a successful expansion of the cooperation with ExxonMobil Chemical for the product range Santoprene(TM) TPV as well as for Vyram(TM) TPV, Vistaflex(TM) TPO, Geolast(TM) TPV and Dytron(TM) XL TPE during the last ten years in almost all European countries´(see attachment) Biesterfeld Plastic and ExxonMobil Chemical decided to exte [...]

01.10.2007 | Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH

DuPont & Biesterfeld strengthen distribution ties

Distribution of engineering polymers now in 26 European statesGeneva, September 2007 Marking almost 20 years of cooperation between the two companies in some countries, DuPont Engineering Polymers and Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH, Hamburg, have realigned their partnership with a long term exclusive agreement to address current and future market needs. It foresees the optimization of distribution for engineering polymers from DuPont through the imp [...]

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