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Zytel® HTN

Product description

Zytel® HTN is a family of partially aromatic polyamides, which can be divided into the series Zytel® HTN “51” to “54”. Zytel® HTN by Celanese is also known as polyphthalamide (PPA). The HTN types are suitable for a range of demanding applications in the automotive, electrics and electronics sectors, as well as in industry and consumer goods. To name just some examples from these fields: automotive (charge air dampers, thermostat housings, water outlets, plugs, coil formers); electrics and electronics (SMT: surface-mount technology for connector applications, motor insulation systems, switches and relays, housings and transformer components); industry and consumer goods: boiler inlet/outlet ports, steam irons, gearbox housings, fans and frame holders). Zytel® HTN is available in various versions: non-reinforced, glass fibre-reinforced, mineral-reinforced. Many of these products are also flame-resistant (halogen-free) and stable against hydrolysis. Thanks to PPA’s low level of moisture absorption, Zytel® HTN has good dimensional stability and is great at maintaining its properties. Partially aromatic polyamides have good chemical resistance to many engine and transmission oils, as well as fuels, glycols and water. Their electrical properties in relation to creep resistance (CTI value) and the retention of dielectric strength over a wide temperature range are also outstanding. With its unique combination of properties, Zytel® HTN is the ideal candidate not only in the high-temperature range, but also whenever it is important to retain properties and dimensional stability in damp surroundings, and when creep resistance, good chemical resistance or the product’s particular electrical features are crucial.




Zytel® HTN

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