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Marzon™ V

Product description

LAUREL product division of PPG is our partner for fluoropolymer-based polymer processing additives.

The low-melt fluoropolymers of the Marzon™ V series ensure superior efficiency and output quality for extrusion processes. Main applications include, but are not limited to, polyolefin films, tubes or pipes, blown films, profiles, as well as masterbatches and compounds.

During extrusion the LAUREL PPAs act as a lubricant, offering very low surface energy in combination with very low viscosities. The additives build a long-lasting protective layer on the surface of the extrusion dye, not only improving the efficiency of the extrusion process, but reducing negative processing side effects, like melt fractures, die build-up and gel formation on the output surface.

The end product quality is not only enhanced by the absence of surface anomalies. Unlike many other PPAs Marzon™ V additives are resistant to migration, enabling improved printability of the product.

All LAUREL products comply with the PFOA requirements set forth by EU Regulation 1907/2006/EC (REACH).

Product Description
Marzon™ V-1 Fluoropolymer micropowder,
Especially suitable for compounds and higher temperature applications
Marzon™ V-2 Fluoropolymer micropowder,
Suitable for a broad variety of applications including high performance applications
Marzon™ V-3 Fluoropolymer micropowder,
Especially suitable for blown films




Marzon™ V

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