Polyamide-6 Composite Sheets

Product description

Johns Manville, a leading producer of glass fibers, is developing innovative new technologies to produce composite materials. The recently developed Neomera™ NCF-6 is a non-chrimp fabric based on glass embedded in a thermoplastic matrix being polyamide-6. In particular industries with fast production cycles like automotive industry benefit from the unique characteristics of Neomera™ NCF-6.

The non-chrimp fabrics are available in a area weight up to 2500 g/m2 (UD, biaxial, triaxial, quadraxial) and are fully impregnated due to an unique one step process. The insitu polymerization of caprolactam is leading to a complete impregnation of complex fabrics, void-free composites and a high molecular weight of PA-6.

Woven fabrics are available as series Neomera™ OS-6 and IG-6. They are available in individual weave style as heavy as 2500 g/m2. Due to the full impregnation in one step, customers save time as there is no need for lamination/consolidation steps to build up thickness.

Chopped glass or carbon reinforced thermoplastic sheets are available as series Neomera™ CR-6. They provide an excellent formability, which is critical for producing parts with complex 3D-shapes. OS-6-series provides a high strength-to-weight ratio and can be tailored for specific applications as fiber type (glass, carbon, aramid), fiber length (12 mm to 50 mm), fiber content (40 - 70 wt%) could be controlled.

The thermoplastic matrix of all series allows hot forming capability via compression overmolding or injection overmolding resulting in shorter cycle teams within one minute compared to conventional thermoset composites. The also called organo sheets can be further processed via injection overmoulding.

The composite sheets are characterized by high strength, stiffness, and formability and are ideal structural reinforcement solutions for lightweight parts.

Product Resin Strength Stiffness Impact Resistance Formability
NCF-6 PA-6 ++++ ++++ ++++ +++
OS-6 PA-6 +++ ++++ ++++ ++
IG-6 PA-6 +++ ++++ ++++ ++
CR-6 PA-6 ++ +++ +++ ++++


Neomera™ NCF-6, Neomera™ OS-6 & IG-6, Neomera™ CR-6

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