Flame Retardants

Emerald Innovation™, Firemaster®, Reofos®

Product description

The product range of LANXESS’s business unit GREAT LAKES SOLUTIONS includes halogenated and halogen-free flame retardants under the trade names Emerald Innovation™, Firemaster® and Reofos®.

Brominated and phosphorous based flame retardants are still the two most efficient flame retardant groups. Brominated flame retardants are used in plastics (thermoplastics and thermosets), foams, wire & cable, textiles and coatings. Phosphorous products are particularly suitable for formulations based on PVC, polyurethane and epoxy.

In addition to the following portfolio we offer synergists (e.g. antimony trioxides) and smoke suppressants (e.g. zinc borates + zinc stannates).

Product name Description
BA-59P Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA)
EMERALD INNOVATION 3000 Brominated polymeric
FIREMASTER 2100R Decabromodiphenylethane (DBDPE)
FIREMASTER CP44HW Copolymer of dibromostyrene
FIREMASTER PBS-64HW Poly-(dibromostyrene)
FLAMERETARDANT BC-52 Phenoxy-terminated carbonate oligomer of tetrabromobisphenol A
FLAMERETARDANT DP-45 Tetrabromophtalate ester
FLAMERETARDANT BC-58 Phenoxy-terminated carbonate oligomer of tetrabromobisphenol A
FLAMERETARDANT PDBS-80 Poly-(dibromostyrene)
FLAMERETARDANT PHT-4 Tetrabromophtalic anhydride
FLAMERETARDANT PHT-4-DIOL Tetrabromophtalate diol
FLAMERETARDANT PHT-4-DIOL LV Tetrabromophtalate diol (low viscosity)
EMERALD INNOVATION™ NH-1 Phosphorous flame retardant
REOFOS 35 Triaryl phosphates isopropylated
REOFOS 50 Triaryl phosphates isopropylated
REOFOS 508 Triaryl phosphates isopropylated
REOFOS 65 Triaryl phosphates isopropylated
REOFOS 95 Triaryl phosphates isopropylated
REOFOS LF50 Triaryl phosphates isopropylated
REOFOS NHP Phosphorous flame retardant
ZINC BORATE ZB-467 Zinc borate




Emerald Innovation™, Firemaster®, Reofos®

Country availability

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland