Conductive Compounds and Concentrates


Product description

Cabelec® is a family of electrical conductive materials with a very wide range of applications, e.g. in injection moulding as well as extrusion. Cabelec® is available as a ready to use compound, as well as a concentrate that can be diluted up to 50% with natural material but also recyclates. Cabelec® is based on carbon black and various base polymers.

Typical applications

• Electrically conductive injection moulding parts

• Electrically conductive extrusion sheets and films, e.g. suitable for thermoforming

• Electrically conductive containers and IBCs

• Electrically conductive housing parts

Benefits and features

• Very good electrical conductivity

• Good impact strength

• Good chemical resistance





Country availability

France, Germany, Poland


Contact person

Olga Baburina  BPG

Head of Sales Germany

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