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Biesterfeld Plastic Suisse AG now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Biesterfeld Group

Biesterfeld Plastic is acquiring the remaining shares in the joint venture Biesterfeld Plastic Suisse AG with retrospective effect from January 2021. The Biesterfeld Group business division had previously held 60% of shares in the Swiss subsidiary since it was established in 2003. By acquiring these shares, Biesterfeld is acknowledging the positive development of business activities in Switzerland and reflecting on its own…


Biesterfeld Plastic: forward-looking organisation of internal structures

A leading international distributor of plastics and additives, Biesterfeld Plastic is adapting its business unit structure. To drive forward its strategic transformation with a focus on consultancy-intensive specialties, the business – a division of the Biesterfeld Group – was subdivided at the beginning of the year. From now on, Biesterfeld Plastic will have five instead of the previous three globally oriented business units:…

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Biesterfeld and DuPont: innovative solutions for medical wearables

Biesterfeld and DuPont are combining their innovative capabilities to offer forward-looking new solutions for medical wearables. These portable devices, which are worn on the body and provide essential medical data such as blood sugar level or blood pressure, make day-to-day life easier for users and are one of the most important trends in the medical segment.  The companies’ joint portfolio in the EMEA region includes, for…


Biesterfeld and DuPont: celebrating 30 years of collaboration

Biesterfeld Plastic and DuPont Transportation & Industrial (T&I) are proud to celebrate more than 30 years of exclusive collaboration in the field of engineering polymers and high-performance materials. The two companies are looking forward to continuing their successful partnership, which now extends to  much of the EMEA region and Brazil.  Engineering polymers are a core element in the product portfolio and will continue to…


Biesterfeld and SK Chemicals extend their strategic partnership to the cosmetic packaging segment

Biesterfeld Plastic and SK Chemicals are extending their long-term strategic partnership. With effect from 1 August 2020, a new distribution agreement is in force between the partners, which now also includes the distribution of copolyesters from SK Chemicals within the cosmetic packaging market segment. This new agreement means that Biesterfeld now holds the distributions rights for all segments of SK Chemicals’ copolyester…


Biesterfeld Plastic: Olga Baburina is the new Head of Sales Germany

Distributor Biesterfeld Plastic has appointed Olga Baburina as its new Head of Sales Germany with immediate effect. Biesterfeld Plastic has a decentralised sales structure in Germany with four sites in Hamburg, Cologne, Nuremberg and Speyer. As the new Head of Sales Germany, Olga Baburina will now be responsible for the company's sales team in Germany comprising more than 40 employees. Her office is at the Hamburg site, from…


Biesterfeld appointed to distribute Ethylene Copolymers from Westlake Chemical® in Europe

Biesterfeld will begin to distribute Specialty Polymers from Westlake Chemical®. With immediate effect, the company will distribute the ELEVATE® EVA, EMAC® / EBAC® and TYMAX® products throughout Europe, including the UK and Ireland. The ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) ELEVATE® is characterized not only by its softness, flexibility and low-temperature toughness, but also by its good stress cracking and UV resistance. The product…


Biesterfeld and DuPont intensify their strategic partnership in CIS countries

Biesterfeld Plastic and DuPont are continuing the expansion of their strategic cooperation. Thanks to an extended agreement, Biesterfeld Rus LLC will take over responsibility for selling the Zytel®, Minlon®, Crastin®, Rynite®, Hytrel®, Bexloy® and Delrin® thermoplastic plastics in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from 1 December 2019.  Hytrel® thermoplastic polyester-elastomers are ideal for…


Biesterfeld will distribute ExxonMobil's Santoprene TPV in Switzerland from 2020

ExxonMobil has granted Biesterfeld Plastic extended rights to sell its Santoprene™ TPV (thermoplastic vulcanisate). From 1.1.2020, Biesterfeld will also officially sell the product in Switzerland, meaning that it will then cover all of continental Europe. It also has rights to sell the product in the UK, Brazil and North Africa. Santoprene™ TPV is a thermoplastic rubber consisting of a two-phase polymer of vulcanised EPDM…


Biesterfeld acquires distribution rights from DuPont for Selar® PA polyamide in the EMEA area and Brazil

Biesterfeld will take over the distribution of DuPont's product Selar® PA 3426R from the 1 October 2019. This new agreement applies to the entire EMEA area and, since June 2019, also for Brazil.  Selar® PA 3426R is an amorphous polyamide. It is highly transparent and is a good barrier against gases, water, solvents and essential oils. The product has excellent physical and optical properties and is extremely…


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