Polyamide 6.6 (Zytel®, Celanyl®, Minlon®, Frianyl®, Ecomid®)

Zytel®, Celanyl®, Minlon®, Frianyl®, Ecomid®

Product description

Celanese's polyamide grades are known under the brand names Zytel®, Celanyl®, Minlon®, Frianyl® and Ecomid®. The portfolio of Celanese's polyamide materials includes polyamide 6, polyamide 6.10 and 10.10, polyamide 6.12 as well as polyamide 66/6 copolymers.

General properties of Zytel® and Celanyl® are extremely high mechanical strength, stiffness, thermal and creep resistance, depending on the impact modification or modification with up to 50% glass fibers. They are particularly resistant to continuous impact stress and are characterized by a lower coefficient of friction. In addition, PA6.6 is resistant to oil, fuel, coolant and most chemicals.

In Minlon®, the minerals form a chemical bond with the polyamide, which improves strength and rigidity. In addition to less distortion and better dimensional stability, Minlon® also offers colourability.

Due to the balanced property profile, components made of Zytel®, Celanyl® and Minlon® polyamide are used, for example, in the automotive industry, electrical, household appliances, furniture and construction industries.


Flame retardant

Zytel® and Frianyl® PA66 are available as a halogenated and halogen free flame retardant product suitable for electrical and electronics industries.


Ecomid® and ECO-R contain high-quality, post-industrial recycled polyamide fibers and textiles. ECO-R offer an environmentally friendly drop-in-solution by Mass balance approach.





Zytel®, Celanyl®, Minlon®, Frianyl®, Ecomid®

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