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The Celanese polyamides are known under the trade names Zytel® and Minlon®. The Zytel® and Minlon® portfolio of thermoplastic construction materials contains polyamide 66, polyamide 6 and polyamide 66/6 copolymers, polyamide 66/6 blends and long-chain polyamide compounds, including polyamide 6.10, polyamide 6.12 or polyamide 10.10. General properties of Zytel® are an extremely high mechanical strength, rigidity and creep resistance, which can vary depending on the impact modification or modification with up to 50% glass fibres. These products are particularly resistant to long-term impact stress and characterised by a low coefficient of friction. PA66 is also resistant to fuels, lubricants and most chemicals. Some Zytel® types are based on renewable resources. With Minlon®, the minerals form a chemical bond with the polyamide, which improves both strength and rigidity. Minlon® also offers not only a low degree of distortion and better dimensional stability, but also good colourability. Thanks to their balanced profile of properties, components made from Zytel® and Minlon® polyamides are used, for example, in the automotive, electrical, household appliance, furniture and construction industries.

The Zytel RS product family contains 63% to 100% renewably sourced content, compromises all products based on PA1010 and PA610, including their alloys with other polymers. It is made with renewable content that comes from sebacic acid which is derived from castor oil. Castor oil is one of the most versatile, non-food competing natural products.





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