Alfrimal, Calcilit, Alsigran

Product description

Our abrasive portfolio contains bright white fillers and pigments which are based on natural calcium carbonates in crystalline and microcrystalline form as well as natural silicates such as talc, synthetically manufactured aluminium hydroxides, precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) and titanium oxides.

TradenameChemical DescriptionD50 (µm)D90 (µm)Application
Alfrimal 104Aluminium Hydroxide512Car polish
Alfrimal 446Aluminium Hydroxide1240Car polish, stone care
Alfrimal 449Aluminium Hydroxide2468Car polish, stone care
Almisil C 87Calcined Kaolin0.82.7Car polish, stone care
Alpha Talc CT 45Talcum5.518Smooth polish
Alpha Talc CT 60Talcum6.222Smooth polish
Alpha Talc CT 8Talcum1.85Cosmetic peeling
Alsigran 4Silica Powder22110Abrasive hand cleaner
Alsigran Micro 5Silica Powder5Ceramic hob cleaner
Alsigran S 80Silica Powder150250Abrasive hand cleaner
Calcicoll K 11Calcium Carbonate1258Scrubbing milk, abrasive cleaner
Calcilit 130 GCalcium Carbonate80170Abrasive cleaner
Calcilit 16 GCalcium Carbonate1118Scrubbing milk, abrasive cleaner
Calcilit 35 GCalcium Carbonate3555Scrubbing milk, abrasive cleaner


Alpha Calcit


Alfrimal, Calcilit, Alsigran

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