Carbowet® GA, ZetaSperse®, Tegomer® DA

Product description

The ZetaSperse®, Carbowet® GA and Tegomer® DA products from our supplier EVONIK are used as dispersing and grinding agents for inorganic, organic and carbon black pigments and fillers.

Carbowet® GA grind aids support rapid pigment grinding and colour development. At the same time they improve the colour acceptance, the compatibility with the letdown, the pigment wetting and deaeration - water based systems.

Under the name of Tegomer DA® some dispersing agents can be found that - due to their chemistry - are suitable for not only water based but also organic media.

ZetaSperse® products assist in pigment stabilisation and reduce the viscosity of the pigment pastes. They also facilitate stable mixtures of different paste systems. There are additives for resin-containing and resin-free formulations.




Carbowet® GA, ZetaSperse®, Tegomer® DA

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